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2019 Officers

  /  2019 Officers

Justin Thompson


Louis Howell

Past President/Chairman BOD

Kevin Maurin

Past President/BOD

Van Sims

Past President/BOD

Jimmy Tran

Board of Directors

Joseph Arbour

Board of Directors

Robbie Stockton

Board of Directors

Tim Mills

Board of Directors

John Calderone

Board of Directors

Richard Rutland

Past President/BOD

Cory Quint

VP - Publicity

Blake Thomas

VP - Awards

Matt Glass

VP - Weights & Measures

Joshua Robertson

VP - Ways & Means

Coleman Moore

VP - Finance

Ryan Schumann

VP - Sales & Marketing

Randy Worley

VP - Booze & Bands

Chris Schwall

VP - Publications

Mathew Vickery

VP - Operations

Marcie Sofge

VP - Security

Justin Scott

VP - Site

Stephen Mayhall

VP - Technology
Cash Prize

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